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ADOdb Lite / News: Recent posts

ADOdb Lite updated to version 0.03

ADOdb Lite Version 0.03 moves the ErrorMsg and ErrorNo
functions into a subclass of the ADOConnection class. Due to
requests the following function was added.


This version increased the memory footprint from
approximately 59k to approximately 62k.

If I receive enough feedback in favor of adding Transaction
Support for Mysqlt and other databases I will look into adding
a transaction module. This module wouldn't be loaded until
such time as the transactions function are accessed to keep
the memory overhead as low as possible.

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-06-16

ADOdb Lite updated to version 0.02

I have just released ADOdb Lite Version 0.02. This version reduced the memory footprint from approximately 95k to approximately 59k.

I have also added support for forcing a new database connection.

$db->NConnect("$dbhost", "$dbuname", "$dbpass", "$dbname")

I have also added the command to select a different database without opening a new connection.

$db->SelectDB($dbname)... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-06-11

ADODB Lite v0.1 Released

ADOdb Lite was a result of a need for a very small, fast ADOdb library for a browser based game we have been working on for over two years called Alien Assault Traders.

We noticed that the ADOdb package was consuming over 640k of ram for each HTTP access. Currently, ADOdb Lite uses 80-85k of system ram for each HTTP access. This is about an 87% smaller memory footprint. A side benefit is an increase in speed. The speed increase will vary depending upon the database. This is also a great replacement for extremely HIGH traffic web sites. ... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-06-09