ADOdb Lite Version 1.04 Released - November 6, 2005

This release adds support for the ADOdb Error Handler, ADOdb Date Functions and SHA1 Session Encryption.

All of the ADOdb Date functions are supported. To use them you need to add the date module to the connection string or the adodb.config.php. Check the How to Install and Modules pages for more information.

The test_adodb_lite.php program has been updated to include tests for the ADOdb Date Functions.

I have added a new encryption to the Session Library for SHA1 encryption. For more information be sure to check the Sessions page.

Limited support for the ADOdb Error Handler, Exceptions and Pear Errors has been included. Initializing these extra features is exactly the same as with ADOdb.

A new client accessable variable (sql) has been added and can be accessed using $db->sql. You can now retrieve the last SQL query that was executed at anytime. This greatly facilitates internal error handling checks. An example would be storing the bad query in an error log or manipulating the query after an error occured. In the past there was no way to recover the bad query except by turning on the debug features in ADOdb/ADOdb Lite. Now you can retrieve and store the queries for later examination. It greatly helps debugging.

The SQLite/Pro drivers now return the proper connection result and all postgres drivers now properly escape quote the boolean true/false check in the doQuery function. For more information be sure to check the changelog.txt.

With this version I broke my promise to keep the memory usage for ADOdb Lite below 100k but it was unavoidable. I needed to add support for the Error Handler and some ENOTICE errors when connecting using a DSN. Fortunately this only added about 7k onto the total overhead.

You can rest easy that ADOdb Lite will never come close to the 773k that ADOdb requires. I will do my best to keep it atleast 6-7 times smaller than ADOdb.

This version increases the memory footprint of ADOdb Lite from approximately 99k to 106k.

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-11-06