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how can do list tables?!

Howl Wang
  • Howl Wang
    Howl Wang

    i want list all table of database~~

    help me plz~~~

    • Mark Dickenson
      Mark Dickenson

      Right now you are going to have to know the SQL query for the database you are accessing (Mysql: SHOW TABLES) and then process it.

      ADOdb Lite doesn't support any of the META functions of ADOdb at this time.  The META functions are rarely used and very large.  This is one of the reasons ADOdb is very bloated and slow to initialize.

      The META functions can be added to ADOdb Lite as a module and then loaded when needed.  I don't know when I will be able to add those functions to ADOdb Lite as my workload has increased lately.  If someone else would like to add them before I get around to it then great. :)