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What about GetInsertSQL and GetUpdateSQL

  • Exist some module with GetInsertSQL and GetUpdateSQL methods ???, i'm trying port my system to adodb lite but i need the methods :( , if don't exists i can write it, but i need to know first if this exists ..

    best regards

    Eduardo Silva

    • Mark Dickenson
      Mark Dickenson

      Well, they are not included as yet because they are HUGE functions.  Those two functions are LARGER than and any single driver combined for ADOdb Lite.  They would have to be a module unto themselves.

      The two functions are also very slow and have alot of overhead.

      Honestly I don'e see why anyone would really want to use them.  You can do the same thing using the normal execute and building the query yourself.  That takes far less code to do than setting up a GetInsertSQL function call and it is many, many times faster.

      If you would like to create a module with those two functions in it I would be more than happy to include it in the package.

    • Macius Bazgrus
      Macius Bazgrus

      The idea is not to do Execute function, but create simple INSERT OR UPDATE SQL.

    • Mark Dickenson
      Mark Dickenson

      But that is the problem with those two functions.  They ARE HUGE and take up alot of memory and they are very, very SLOW in creating an insert of update SQL statement.  You can do the same thing many times faster without those two functions.