#93 errors with multiple DBs with shared driver-specific modules

Steve Clay

Now that generic modules are patched for multiple DBs, I realize a similar bug still exists with the driver-specific modules like date and extend.

Steps to reproduce:
Create $cn1: mysql with "date:extend"
Create $cn2: mysql with "meta:extend"

Since the class "mysql_extend_EXTENDER" has already been defined (and inherits from date and mysql), $cn2 will have the date features instead of the meta features.

The workaround for this bug is to reorder the driver modules so that those arleady used come first in the list:

Create $cn1: mysql with "date:extend"
Create $cn2: mysql with "extend:meta"

Here $cn2 will also have the date features, but at least extend and meta will be included.


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    I have similar problem


    but when use $db in some place $db try conect with a user that s not defined in $db->Connect();