#1 how can I run visual on windows?

adobe-begin (1)

All I get when I dbl click is:
Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library
Debug Assertion Failed!

Program: ...E\Bureau\John\asl_1.0.2_win\binaries\msvc\ bindebug\VISUAL.EXE
File: fopen.c
Line: 55

Expression: *file != _T('\0')

For information on how your program can cause an
failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts.

(Press Retry to debug the application)
Abandonner Recommencer Ignorer

And When I run it by command line I get:
Exception: You must drag and drop an Adam/Eve pair
onto the app

Ok, why not, I do that. but all I get is the same
exception... an instance of visual in memory and
nothing that show up...

How can I launch something on win32 ?

Also, I have a lot of troubles getting everything to
compile... Between Jam, Boost and all the rest, would
there be a way for you to hand me the binraies directly?
Or maybe some direct links on the jam and boost site
to download what I need?

I'm really interested in the project but ever used jam or
boost. It took me a lot of time to compile or find boost
binaries and never understood how to launch the jam
makefile :(

Sorry to ask you things that are probably obvious for


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    Hey John,

    Thanks for taking a look at the Adobe Source Libraries. I realize at this point
    the build process is a bit cumbersome; hopefully in the future we'll be able to
    streamline things a bit better.

    I downloaded the Win32 binaries directly from the SourceForge web site
    download), and they do work, however there are a number of bugs. First off
    I couldn't get the application to launch when a folder in its path contained a
    space. (I would imagine the sample files, too, need to be in a directory path
    that contains no spaces.) I'll have to investigate that problem further.

    I have to apologize for the relative awkwardness of launching Adobe Begin
    on Win32 currently. For ASL 1.0.3 we're looking to further unify the user
    experience between Mac and Windows, making the means of launching the
    app and opening a sample dialog more like the Mac experience today.
    Hopefully we'll have something to show for it in the coming months.

    As far as compiling Adobe Begin for yourself is concerned, it sounds to me
    like you're trying to use bjam. Binaries for bjam can be downloaded directly
    from the Boost SourceForge project page (http://sourceforge.net/project/
    showfiles.php?group_id=7586&package_id=72941). Once you have bjam
    downloaded put it somewhere where it'll be found in your PATH lookup.
    You'll need to use the command line for some of these operations, but here
    is a basic list of steps on how to get it up and building:
    - Download the bjam binaries as described above
    - Download the ASL
    - Download Boost
    - Place your ASL sources and your Boost sources relative to one
    another in accordance with the guidelines in the ASL readme (at the top
    directory of the ASL download).
    - You'll need to apply a small patch to Boost. Again, please see the
    ASL readme for more information on this.
    - You need to tell bjam what compiler you're going to use to build. This
    is specified in the user-config.jam file inside /third_party/boost_tp/boost/
    - Once you have that file saved, use the command line to get to the
    directory containing Adobe Begin's sources. Unfortunately at this time it is
    named "visual", and resides in /adobe/test/visual/.
    - Execute bjam while you are in that directory. This should cause bjam
    to automatically build Adobe Begin and all dependent libraries.
    - Once the build is complete, the binary should be located inside the
    bin/ folder in visual/. You will probably have to traverse down a bit, as bjam
    places the binary in there several folders deep.

    If you have any problems with this process, please post them to adobe-
    source-devel@lists.sourceforge.net and we will further help you out.
    Implcitly this is an encouragement to subscribe to the list. There isn't a lot of
    traffic and it is a good location to post questions about the Adobe Source
    Libraries (including building them).

    Also: if you are feeling brave you can download the latest ASL sources from
    our CVS repository. There are a number of bug fixes in the sandbox/adobe-
    source portion of the repository, and will provide you with a much improved
    binary over the ASL 1.0.2 release. The build process is the same as
    described above, but this time you would use the contents of sandbox/
    adobe-source as your ASL directory. And of course, if you have an
    improvement you would like to contribute, post it to adobe-source-devel and
    we can go from there.

    One thing we're pushing to add to opensource.adobe.com (and if not there,
    then somewhere) is a Wiki where people can obtain and provide build
    instructions for getting ASL and Adobe Begin on their preferred OS. Again,
    we hope to have something to show for this in the coming months. Once the
    Wiki is operational I'll make it known to the ASL community.

    I hope this helped. Again, thanks for showing interest in the Adobe Source
    Libraries... welcome to the community!


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    Hi Foster,
    I just love the ideas behind your project.
    Thanks for the excellent and detailed answer.
    I will check your procedure 'some day'.
    I will also probably subscribe to your list to be informed...
    But, I will probably not post changes anytime soon as I do
    not know much about C++ and most of the technologies you
    are using on that project...
    Because of that I will more somekinda lurk around to play
    with your samples and look in what direction the project goes.
    I would be more interested in a C# or Delphi binding as those
    are the things I know pretty well...
    We'll see what the future brings us...
    Thanks again for your kind answer,

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    Hey John,

    Don't feel like you have to contibute... I'm excited that
    others get to take advantage of what ASL has to offer. If
    there's anything more we can do for you, just ask.