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File Date Author Commit
adminer 2013-04-26 Jakub Vrana Jakub Vrana [e28764] Rename empty select operator to SQL
designs 2013-04-18 Étienne Deparis Étienne Deparis [0f47ae] Update Nette design
editor 2013-04-25 Jakub Vrana Jakub Vrana [bcd1e0] Delete Last page link from Editor
externals 2010-05-07 Jakub Vrana Jakub Vrana [9f10f2] Link externals
plugins 2013-04-04 Jakub Vrana Jakub Vrana [aba9d2] Move comment
tests 2013-04-18 Jakub Vrana Jakub Vrana [93f581] Update test format
.gitignore 2013-01-27 Jakub Vrana Jakub Vrana [0448bd] Add Nette design
.gitmodules 2012-10-08 Jan Dolecek Jan Dolecek [fa4026] removed CodeMirror dependancy
changes.txt 2013-04-26 Jakub Vrana Jakub Vrana [4858f3] Disable SQL export when applying functions in s...
compile.php 2012-09-27 Jakub Vrana Jakub Vrana [75c430] Revert "Unuse binary characters"
coverage.php 2012-05-14 Jakub Vrana Jakub Vrana [6591d4] Replace isset($var) by $var !== null
lang.php 2012-10-04 Jakub Vrana Jakub Vrana [786569] Support xx in lang.php
readme.txt 2012-03-01 Jakub Vrana Jakub Vrana [cc1398] Don't document parameters in readme
todo.txt 2013-04-17 Jakub Vrana Jakub Vrana [46a7e7] Selectable ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP field in...

Read Me

Adminer - Database management in single PHP file
Adminer Editor - Data manipulation for end-users

Supports: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL, Oracle
Requirements: PHP 4.3.3+ or PHP 5+
Apache License 2.0 or GPL 2

adminer/index.php - Run development version of Adminer
editor/index.php - Run development version of Adminer Editor
editor/example.php - Example customization
plugins/readme.txt - Plugins for Adminer and Adminer Editor
adminer/plugin.php - Plugin demo
compile.php - Create a single file version
lang.php - Update translations
tests/selenium.html - Selenium test suite