Using and installing plugins...

J. Justice
  • J. Justice
    J. Justice

    So far, installation of Adminer is phenomenal compared to PMA.  However;

    The documentation on using plugins leaves something to be desired.  I get the part about creating a php file, and then specifying which plugins to enable.  But where are the plugin files located?  Do I need to get them somewhere?  Where should they go on the server?  What should this php file be named, where should it be placed?

  • Basically what you are doing is creating an alternate file to run which sub-classes and customizes the main program.  So the php filename could be something like 'my-adminer.php' and by virtue of the include statement at the bottom of it, it runs the main program with your customizations.

  • Jakub Vrána
    Jakub Vrána

    Take a look at The classes with plugins may be located anywhere you want but you need to include them in adminer_object().