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  • Hi guys! Adminer is the solution I'm looking for from some time! I have to make database for small company, to add and store their customers and bills. Bills will be in exel files.
    So one record in table should have fields like name, id, address etc and one more field - bill in exel that is able to download from server to employer's PC.
    Is there any plugin to add files at server in adding new record and to download it while browsing records?

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  • Paul

    I don't think that a plugin is necessary, as there alternative syntax for MySQL for loading file data into a table.

    See this link:

    I have NOT yet tried this with Adminer, but don't think it would be problematic. The tricky part will be getting the syntax correct dpending on the date that is to be imported.

  • Paul

    Correction to previous post…

    that last part should say "…the DATA that is to be imported." 

  • Jakub Vrána
    Jakub Vrána

    You don't need any plugin, just use blob (or one of its variants) to store and download the files.

  • Just make sure that if your import csv file has dates, that they are in yyyy-mm-dd format. Mine weren't (mm-dd-yyyy) and I blew out 4,000 DOBs.