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Bug - Single enum value results in bad query


  • Anonymous

    For whatever reason, the bug tracker isn't saving my bug submission, so I'll post it here.

    Using MySQL and Adminer 3.3.4 -

    When I try to set just a single enum length when creating a table, adminer doesn't provide anything in the ENUM() declaration in the query, as highlighted in the attached file, resulting in an errored query. If I add an extra enumerated value, the create table works fine.

    On the lower half of the attached file, it results in the same error if I try to reduce the enumerated column to just one value, as well.


  • Jakub Vrána
    Jakub Vrána

    You need to put single quotes around the single value. Adminer supports 'a','b','c' in enum value (for copy/pasting from somewhere else) so it is required to use single quotes if there is just one line.

    Adminer needs to support also crazy shit like 'don\'t' which is why it cannot be automatic.