relative paths

  • van testing
    van testing

    i'm talking about the relative paths in the adminer source codes.
    i'm trying to include the adminer index.php file in another file and because of the relatives paths in the adminer code the script fails. also the file_exists() function (used for the css file) fails.
    i was wondering if you would consider using something lik,e include(dirname(__FILE__) . 'path/to/file') for your future releases

  • Jakub Vrána
    Jakub Vrána

    Please use the compiled version.

  • van testing
    van testing

    it doesn't work. it fails loading the css file.
    try this.
    create a php file and include the compiled version of adminer.
    if the adminer file is in another directory it fails to load the css file from same directory.