thank you very much

  • juste a small post to thank you for this "free" tool
    (free like free speech ^^) and the copy button !
    pma is a good tool but adminer is an amazing tool !
    thank you very much

  • +1

    great tool and no setup\config needed!

  • I also just wanted to let you know, thanks for the best webbased mysql manager ever. I've used phpMyAdmin for as long as I remember and never considered using something else. Until I needed to install phpMyAdmin on my VPS and kinda got sick of the size, the config, everything.

    I googled 'phpMyAdmin alternative' and found your tool. It's just : AMAZING!

    Thank you.

  • Thanks a lot, I was growing sick PhpMyAdmin, so I tried Adminer, the first alternative I found, and I became an instant fan. Be sure I'll tell all my programmer friends about it!

  • Hsnopi

    I must say I am impressed and props to the developers. Worked seemlessly on IIS running PHP with mssql on a remote machine and mysql locally (no I didn't pick that config:) )

  • Me too, just discovered Adminer and this thing is perfect. The main program is so clean and simple its incredible and a much better tool than PMA. The editor version is exactly what I needed for my clients. Tweaked it so it looks more custom and thats it.

    Hope you'll keep both versions maintained! Thanks!

  • I just want to subscribe to upper opinions and say great THANKS to incredible author's enthusiasm and intelligence! We appreciate your great work.