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search only shows >= and <= in editor

  • First than all thank you for your contribution to the world wide FOSS community and greetings from the Caribbean, Puerto Rico.

    I do have some questions.

    When logged in the mysql editor version I can only select , <= and >= operators in the pull down search (query editor) menu. Is this the default setting? and How can I customized to include the = as default? I have look in the forums and bugs but have not being able to find any reference to this.

    The situation is that I am working with a 4M records Database and a Select …. LIKE %% vs  a SELECT ….. =  makes a big difference.

    Thanks in advance for your answer 

  • Jakub Vrána
    Jakub Vrána

    You can create a customization for this. It would be very simple:

    function adminer_object() {
        class AdminerEquals extends Adminer {
            var $operators = array("=", "<=", ">=");
        return new AdminerEquals;
    include "./editor.php";
  • Hi.

    I did the change, but the query still adds the wild percent symbol (%) on both sides of the FECHANAC field as shown:

    SELECT *
    WHERE (`FECHANAC` = '%1964-10-11%') AND (`PATERNO` LIKE '%berr%')
    LIMIT 30

    What I want to do is make an exact match without the % symbol.

    Is this possible?

  • An extremely QUICK and DIRTY hack:

    function selectSearchProcess($fields, $indexes) {


    if ($op == "=") {
    $value = $this->processInput($field, ($text_type && ereg('^+$', $val) ? "$val" : $val));
    } else {
    $value = $this->processInput($field, ($text_type && ereg('^+$', $val) ? "%$val%" : $val));


  • Jakub Vrána
    Jakub Vrána

    You are right, I've fixed it in Git. If you don't want to use the Git version, you can also bypass


    by searching for


    (and no customization would be required).