Feature request: Insert as new


  • Anonymous

    I have been using Adminer as a replacement for PHPMyAdmin for a while now and I must say I'm very happy with it.

    One thing I'm missing though is the ability to copy a row. In PHPMyAdmin this could be achieved by editing a row and selecting "Insert as new" instead of "Save". Could such a feature be added to Adminer as well?

  • Jakub Vrána
    Jakub Vrána

    This feature is available in Adminer and I think with a better UI. In select, you can check any row and use the Clone button to make a copy of this row. I believe that this is better approach than "Insert as new" because I sometimes overwrote the row by accident.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for and you're right, it is a much better approach than "insert as new".