#325 field date postgres in 'Search data in tables' form

Jakub Vrána
PostgreSQL (26)

''Search data in tables' works very well in Mysql but in postgres there an error
There is an error for field date because they doesn't support % joker char.

ERROR: operator does not exist: timestamp without time zone ~~ unknown
LINE 1: ... "process_transition_action" WHERE ("create_date" LIKE '%mod...
HINT: No operator matches the given name and argument type(s). You might need to add explicit type casts.

A second error :
ERROR: argument of WHERE must be type boolean, not type integer
LINE 1: ...FROM "account_account_financial_report_type" WHERE 0 LIMIT 1

I think than string search shoudn't search in boolean, date type field


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  • David BEAL
    David BEAL

    I'm the initial author of this bug (in 4.1.0 too)

    Here is a really good way to search a string in the whole postgresql database


    SELECT ctid FROM %I.%I WHERE cast(%I as text)=%L
    should be replaced by
    SELECT ctid FROM %I.%I WHERE cast(%I as text) ~ %L
    to allow to use regex

    Adminer doesn't allow to import procedure. It's not a required feature because we can use a workaround: insert procedure with pgsql.
    Adminer could call this procedure (change name to 'search_in_whole_db' ?) if it exists in db.

    May be in a plugin ? what are the hook for 'Search data in tables' form ?

    What do you think of this ?

    Last edit: David BEAL 2014-09-14