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Version 2.4.3

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Module
753 Only show role assignement dialog if user has the right to assign roles Version_2.4.3 closed Markus Fassbender profile  
752 Leaders could not edit there role members if preference is set Version_2.4.3 closed Markus Fassbender roles  
751 View problem in plugin sidebar_dates using compact view in settings Version_2.4.3 closed Thomas-RCV plugins  
749 Role dependencies could not be assigned with PostgreSql Version_2.4.3 closed Markus Fassbender roles  
747 Wrong Description of new/edit link in mode old Version_2.4.3 closed Thomas-RCV events  
746 Missing edit link for dates in compact view Version_2.4.3 closed Thomas-RCV events  
745 Set copy flag in email could be misused as spam Version_2.4.3 closed Thomas-RCV mail  
743 Error in printview of dates if no participant is assign Version_2.4.3 closed Thomas-RCV events  
742 Wrong sorting of old dates if calendar selection is changed Version_2.4.3 closed Thomas-RCV events  
731 Missing link for printview if user is'nt logged in Version_2.4.3 closed Thomas-RCV events  
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