ADG v.0.4.2 released

ADG is a GObject-based library that provides a non-interactive cairo canvas specifically designed for generating technical drawings.
The work on model-view separation has been started: the AdgModel abstract class is now in place. Above this class, the new AdgPath model is derived, providing a full set of APIs to construct paths from scratch. Also, AdgPath gives full access the model throught CPML, allowing to modify and manipulate the path data.
The CPML library now natively supports arcs. Although cairo does not recognize arcs, a lot of work has been done to hide the complexity needed to provide an API that does the necessary trasformations transparently.
The old AdgPath entity has been rewrote to AdgStroke. This is a stroked view of an AdgPath model. Its implementation is trivial as all the path complexity has moved to AdgPath.

Posted by Nicola Fontana 2009-06-16