#7 Process Stalls on Outbound Order using Create Supply

Enrique Ruibal

Business Case

Currently the WMS module Stalls when using Outbound Order with Create Supply

Test Case:

1. Set up a Sales Order with a M2K product and also an additional part for the same product
2. Create Outbound Order
3. Release the Outbound Order using Create Supply

NOTE: ***This doesn't reproduce in GW***, please see log attached



  • Enrique Ruibal
    Enrique Ruibal

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  • Enrique Ruibal
    Enrique Ruibal

    Hello Victor,

    I was able to reproduce this error in Garden World:

    1. Create a SO with the following lines.
    10 Pchair - 1
    20 PatioSet - 1
    NOTE:***The order of the items is very important ****
    2. Complete the Sales Order
    It will correctly create a M2K MO on line 20
    3. Generate Outbound Order from the Furniture WH
    4. Release Outbound Order ticking Create Supply Mark
    5. Press OK
    6. The System STALLS now in an endless cycle.


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