#1059 Redesign of CityAutoCompleter


Hi all,

I would like to contribute redesigned version of the CityAutoCompleter which is part of the Location/Address dialog belonging to the "Business Partner" window. Details are available in the pdf file in the attached zip archive.




  • Redesign of CityAutoCompleter

  • Hi Philip!

    Thank a lot for your contribution, the Technical team are very happy that developers contribute with your work, so this project improve day to day and it is the sprit that we want for community.

    I have some observations and question about you contribution:

    1.- Observations 1 -> The Technical Team can accept a feature to improve the UI,So that is very important that if you implement a improve in Swing too, is necessary the implementation in ZK, Can you implement this improve in ZK?

    2.- Question 1 -> What happen in country the location I not use ZIP, Is posible use this contribution without ZIP codes?

    kind regards
    Victor Pérez
    Member of Technical Team

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  • Hi Victor

    Thank you for your response. You mentioned a good point with the web UI. Actually I had a look at it but so far did not implement it. I realized that ZK does not offer the controls I needed in order to implement it for the web UI, i.e. I was missing a decent popup control. I have plans to look at this again but for the next couple of weeks I will not be able to do it.

    I fully understand that you only accept UI changes for both Swing and the web UI. So if you prefer it that way, we could stop here and I will submit the feature for both Swing and the web UI once I'm done.



  • @Philip Very good job!

    I think that this feature deserve to be incorporated in trunk, even if it do not have ZK part.
    Maybe somebody else will find the time to do the work on ZK. Philip have done excellent job to develop and contribute the Swing part.