error while running run_importadempiere.bat

fira calt
  • fira calt
    fira calt

    I installed adempiere on windows7.An error appearing during importing postgres(while running "RUN_İmpotADempiere.bat") for adempiere,like below;
    Setting myEnvironment ….
    Re-Create Adempiere User and import C:\ADempiere\data\Adempiere.dmp - (postgres)

    Volume in drive C has no label
    Volume serial number is: 06F3-5F72

    Directory of C:\ADempiere\data

    File not found
    == The import will show warnings. This is OK ==
    Press any key to continue…

    "file not found" ! how can i resolve this error,please help..
    i searched for this error more but couldnt find any solution.
    regards firac.