Consignment Support for Adempiere

  • Meron po bang Consignment Support ang adempiere, im planning to use this erp sana for our organization

    • dellph

      oo pwede nyan sa adempiere. :) its possible. create ka lang nag invoice. then kung e return na ang items. may customer return naman at yung na benta sa payment naman yan.


      • Maraming salamat po pero what is mean is total support for consignment system including monitoring of inventory in cosignment location

      • Consignment Inventory:

        Enables you to defer invoicing and payment of inventory until the materials have been consumed. This module is comprised of both Customer Consignment Inventory and Supplier Consignment Inventory.
        Enables you to plan, order, ship, track and report customer-consigned material, while deferring invoicing and accounts receivable (AR) transactions.
        Enables suppliers to continue to track inventory after the materials has shipped and resides at the customer's facility.
        Alleviates the need for suppliers to buy back excess material sent to the customer at the end of the consignment period.
        Supports the same activity from the point of view of the receiving company.
        Extends the purchase order process by providing new transactions to receive material and identify it as consigned.
        Allows the consigned items to be visible for planning while transactions delay the standard AP process until material is consumed. When items are consumed in a manufacturing process or because they are shipped to other sites or customers, the receiver becomes available for vouchering.

    • dellph

      No in the core of adempiere. You are now talking about vertical application. but its doable in adempiere :)

      • I just hope that adempiere would support this kind application because a lot of sme need this kind of procedure which most of the erp doesnt support directly but just a work around.

        i like the qad erp support for consignment, i just hope adempiere developer can make a system like what qad did or much better.

    • ADAXA

      Hi .. a suggestion.
      The Inventory Move creates the correct accounting for moving products to a consignment warehouse.
      Make AD changes so that the Inventory Move forces a selection of a "from" warehouse and a "to" warehouse.
      In the inventory move lines makes sure that the selectable "from" locators are only the one from the "from" warehouse (same for "to"). 
      You can use the warehouse location address record to create a shipping document with from and to addresses.
      Use an On Credit order to sell from the consignment warehouse when you know the qty consumed.
      There should be no code changes, just AD changes.
      best wishes..

      • Im looking for more functionality from Adempiere to Fully support Consignment not any workaround system. Like this features from QAD ERP

        Thank you again for the fast response.

        Key Features of QAD Consignment Inventory

            * Defines consignment locations
            * Mixes consignment and non-consignment materials on orders
            * Maintains visibility of consigned inventory for physical inventory and cycle count
            * Enables set-up of consignment-specific accounts
            * Able to trace aging dates of consigned material through reports and inquiries
            * Determine tax point for consigned inventory based on settings in the associated tax rate
            * Compare material shipped/received with material consumed

        Customer Consignment Inventory

            * Manual or automatic usage reporting
            * Ability to immediately invoice non-material charges
            * Defers ownership of consigned material
            * Extends sales order process by providing new transactions to ship material and identify it as in-transit or consigned
            * Plan, order, ship, track and report customer-consigned material while deferring invoicing and accounts receivable transactions. Once the customer notifies the supplier of usage, standard invoicing transactions occur.

        Supplier Consignment Inventory

            * Ability to immediately voucher non-material charges
            * Multiple points of usage
            * Supports Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
            * Retain ownership of consigned inventory
            * Extends the purchase order process by providing new transactions to receive material and identify it as consigned

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    Marivic Sotelo

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