Warehouse Costing

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia

    Hi All,

    We're working evaluating Adempiere usage, in order to start implementation project due several issues with others local & global ERP vendors. Issues with them are mainly regarding supported costing methods and their granularity.

    The company uses costing per Warehouse on each production plant, considering Raw material,Transit or In-Process, and Finished products, also their process is discrete on-demand manufacturing, with almost no pre-planned nor pre-invoiced production.

    We also have been reading the Adempiere' Cost engine is highly configurable even to Java Classes Code Level, So, We think Adempiere can or Could accomplish this requirement. In order to achieve this, we want to know if this costing method on Libero Manufacturing could be done, and if so, How.

    Also, if there is a manual or documentation on these costing configurations that you can refere to us, would be highly appreciated.

    In our testing, we're using version 370, so as far as I know Libero Manufacturing is already integrated on this version. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Best Regards

  • Alexandre

    Hi jreniz,

    I work in Palmetal - Rio de Janeiro, and up to now we didnt get in cost field.
    But, onde thing I can tell you. Any documentation is too little here… In fact, I laughed, we dont have basic documentation, imagine cost documentation…

    This program is brillant and will have a great future, but, we need people like you to get here, learn the program and build documentation.

    Our company are making this right now… You can see it in


    Our you tube channel.

  • ammar

    Hi All,
    I have issue with Order Receipt issue when I create the manufacturing order and then complete it Then run Order Receipt&Issue in this Manufacturing Order this massage appear (*Not found*M_Cost_ID-Accstchema,MCostElement How can I solve this issue
    Ammar Rasheed