Red1 visites Paris

  • Redhuan D. Oon
    Redhuan D. Oon

    J'ai l'intention de visiter Paris en mai le mois prochain chez un ami.

    Mon agenda:
    1. Expliquer à propos Bazaar approche ERP Open Source
    2. Montrer comment à la suite des tests de configuration Fitnesse pour assurer ADempiere fonctionne bien.
    3. Réponse préoccupations de la communauté sur le projet ADempiere
    4. Expliquer son avantage technique sur les ERP d'autres.
    5. Discutez comment on peut faire une entreprise correcte autour du projet d'une manière appropriée.

    S'il ya un intérêt d'organiser des entretiens ou des événements réponse s'il vous plaît afin que nous puissions planifier en conséquence.

    Que pensez-vous?

    Google-Translated from:

    I plan to visit Paris in May next month staying with a friend.

    My agenda:
    1. Explain about Bazaar approach to Open Source ERP
    2. Show how to setup Fitnesse testing suite to ensure ADempiere works well.
    3. Answer community concerns about the ADempiere project
    4. Explain its technical advantage over other ERPs.
    5. Discuss how anyone can make a correct business around the project in a proper way.

    If there is interest to organise talks or events please reply so we can plan for it.

    What do you think?

  • Redhuan D. Oon
    Redhuan D. Oon

    I be touring Europe from 7th October till 4th November. On 7th i be in Paris. 11th in Munich, 20th in Vienna, and 25th in Hamburg 1st November - 3rd November in Paris. If anyone wishes to be an apprentice learner where i teach and research the listed subjects below, you are welcome to get in touch with me via email to arrange for face to face time hands-on with it or we just discuss. You have to be substantially fit mentally and physically for such a task. Also you got to make me coffee.

    1. Openbravo POS integration and synchronisation to ADempiere ERP ( i already so did that, so u really have to make me good coffee).

    These will be research tasks (so if u happen to be good in these i will make you coffee instead):

    2. Advanced OSGi porting of ADempiere - using Fragments extensions etc.

    3. Incorporating Fitnesse tests onto OSGi iDempiere - using Luminus

    4. Automating such tests onto Jenkins build server.

    5. Using Eclipse RAP as alternative to ZK Ajax  in OSGi

    Redhuan D. Oon