Better Role Management

  • jetpharma

    Hi Guys,

    I thought lets start gathering our adempiere wishlist, so later when we start planning of new features, we'll already have a long list to scan!!

    Here's the first one, though not very big also:

    Last time I had but had to spent lot of time
    understanding that in order for me to give the specific rights, what all checkboxes to be selected.

    I guess this section needs some overhauling, so that users can assign rights more easily. Some ideas could be:

    Grouping all the releated entities [So that User can remove full functionality in one go]
    Showing Dependent Entities
    Giving some description, like if i remove this
    "process", Users cannot access "this".

    And maybe best will be to give more default rules like:

    System [Its fine]
    Sales Order Clerk
    Sales Supervisor
    Accounts Clerk
    Inventory Manager

    and also an option to copy roles, so that Users don't have to remove hundreds of checkboxes for new roles.

    Thanx & Regards,