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Clean up of the citizen list

  • Daniel Tamm
    Daniel Tamm

    Personally I think it's a bad idea to revoke citizenship based on not voting and not posting in forums for a specific period of time.

    Just because you're not voting and not posting shouldn't automatically mean you're a "bad citizen". That's the equivalent of revoking a real citizenship because you take an off-shore job for more than 6 months and when you come back you are treated as an immigrant.

    What do others think?

    Best regards
    /Daniel T

  • Ramiro Vergara
    Ramiro Vergara


    It is not a matter of being a "bad" citizen, the fact is that the citizen is not Active , most probably is not his/her fault but the true of the matter is that he/she has not been active and according to the governance rules the person is not a current citizen. There is not penalty attached to this removal, the citizen can reapply when he/she is ready to be active again and his admission will be voted.



  • Daniel Tamm
    Daniel Tamm

    I still don't understand why a lot of citizens should vote again on someone that has already become a citizen before? Why not just have an active/passive status? (living in the country / living abroad)

  • RAM

    Hi Karsten,

    We removed all persons who didn't took part in the last three votings and haven't posted in our forums for at least six month. To regain their citizenship they would have to be re-elected in a community vote like other new citizens.

    Why ?

    you always change the rules !

    As your link http://www.adempiere.com/Community#How_you_might_lose_your_Citizenship http://www.adempiere.com/Community#How_you_might_lose_your_Citizenship

    _How you might lose your Citizenship

    We have discussed that their might be reasons why Citizens might be disciplined, and in extreme cases this might result in someone losing their citizenship.

    Reasons proposed why someone might lose citizenship:

        If an active member does not use their right to vote for one month and did not participate int the last three elections they are being removed from their status and the mailing list. They can always get promoted to an active member again later on.
        flagrant and repetitive breaches of the project charter (under review) _

    Why you add … and haven't posted in our forums for at least six month. ???

    What is behind it just do not hide the fear of elections of August where we will change the CC Team

    As the calculations are not good for you, then you change the rules ?

    We look forward to the next election to give new life to this community

    So please don't change the rules



  • Hi Raouf,

    as Ramiro stated it's all about being an active Citizen. There were a few citizens that didn't take part in the last three elections but still were active in the forums and wiki. So they are still an active part of the community and that's why the CC Team decided not to remove them from the list.

    Best regards,

  • Hi boys,

    We removed all persons who didn't took part in the last three votings and
    haven't posted in our forums for at least six month.

    I've posted  just  to avoid being removed from the list of citizens. So, I've six month again. :)

    Best regards,