Déjà vu (not again please, MJudd)

  • Carlos Ruiz
    Carlos Ruiz

    Wow, I'm preparing to release 3.6.0 and received this surprise - déjà vu - MJudd again slandering me.

    <-- snippet ->
    Michael Judd:
    Carlos has again revoked my access rights and he has voted to not accept my code on european VAT as no-one is competatnt to review it - and also rejects my global tax management code
    so the only abuser here is carlos - but I do not care - carlos is carlos -
    <-- end of snippet ->

    No, please, not again MJudd - last time you slandered me, you finished giving apologies because you could not prove neither sustain your false accusations.
    Are you sure you want to start this again?

    Sorry to make this public, and involve community on this discussion, but my unique defense against people like MJudd is that ALL my acts are public, so please prove these accusations:

    - Please show this community where or when I revoked your access rights

    - Please show where did I vote to not accept your european VAT - I don't remember stopping any code from you - but if I did I'm sure I always explain clearly the technical reasons

    - Please show me where I rejected your global tax management code - AFAIK you committed that code in your branch and you have not asked for peer review or trunk integration

    - Please explain with facts why I'm an abuser

    How can you launch such slanders?  What is your motivation?  Are you wanting to create more divisions on this project?

    No, not again, I'm done here - going to sleep - tomorrow we'll see how to release.


    Carlos Ruiz

  • Michael Judd
    Michael Judd

    Hi Carlos,

    I'm just letting you know I see no point in responding to this.  Baiting people is not constructive. You are uniquely placed to delete any forum post, tracker, commit or anything else. It is clear to me you are an "abuser" (your words - not mine) because you acted without actual authority contrary to the consensus of those who put their trust n you.

    The fact is, the chain of custody over IP in the project has been broken and it can never be replaced.  There will always be the issue of what happened during those days when the project was controlled by one person.  All we can do is concentrate on making a structure for the future that will safeguard against unilateral decisions and the elevation of personal interests over the community in the future.

    Leaders focus on the future, whilst learning from the past.  We must find a way of injecting independence of control, good checks and balances, proper representation of the entire community and sustainability in to our project.