Advance Payment in Adempiere

  • Vivek  Birdi
    Vivek Birdi


    I want to make an advance payment before we get invoice from the vendor. Later on as we get invoice from the vendor we want to adjust it against the advance payment we already made. How can we pass this entry in Adempiere system?

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    Vivek Birdi

  • Michael McKay
    Michael McKay

    Simply make the payment to the vendor.  Later, enter the invoice from the vendor.  Then open the window Payment Allocation and select the vendor Business Partner.  Select the payment and apply it to the invoice.  This the manual version of the process that occurs when you identify an invoice in the payment window.

    After the payment is made, the accounting consequences will place show credit cash, debit payment selection.  The invoice will have consequences something like debit expense account, credit account payable.  The allocation will have consequences of debit account payable, credit payment selection.  The net effect is credit cash, debit expense account.


  • Johnson Joseph
    Johnson Joseph

    Hello Mike
    In Cash Journal window, I can't find advance cash payment to a Business Partner. There is no selection of BP in this window
    Can you help me how to achieve this


  • Ansaj K.E
    Ansaj K.E

    Advance payment can be done by using the following procedure.
    1.Create the Purchase order for Vendor and Payment against that order.
       Then the accounting effect is :-
                                      Debit  the Vendor Prepayment Account and Credit the Bank account.
    Explanation for that :-
                          When we give an advance amount to a Vendor , the amount is under our asset side till create purchase order.So that it is debit to the vendor Prepayment account which is under our Asset side.After producing the invoice against that vendor , we can allocate the advance amount to that generating invoice and it is also affect on the Vendor Prepayment account.
            If we perform the payment without any order it is not affecting on our asset side.

  • I need to make something like document and it should look like this: when I have payment against SO I get customers advance payment and it's ok. Now I should have some document which will have shown only amount of that SO and separately with amount of tax in one line, just like it's on invoice line but here would be only one line with no items just sum amount  and tax amount. On this document should be details of BP ( something like on invoice for customer, it would be called "Advance Invoice" ) and it should have it's own posting, one account for debit and one for credit. This is just for purpose of tax authorities that customer have some proof that he paid some tax "in advance". It must have option to be void. It would be great if it can be connected for SO which have prepayment and don't have Cutomer Invoice yet so the all details can be taken from SO with amount from prepayment ( also it would be great if that document can be void automaticaly after making an customer invoice for complet ammount of SO but not neccessery ). Is this possible to be done using some of standard Adempiere options without doing it in source code?