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Reversed AP Invoice can't be allocated

  • Cameron


    When an AP invoice (original invoice) is voided it creates another AP invoice (reversal invoice) which reverses the original invoice. These two invoices are allocated to each other and considered paid.

    If the allocation is reset (deleted) then the invoices are no longer paid. However the reversal invoice is not available to pick in the payment allocation so it is not possible to allocate the original invoice to the reversal. The original (voided) invoice is available to pick but the reversal invoice is not.

    It appears that the function Invoice Open is written  in such a way if the grand total is less than zero , the invoice open amount is returned as zero. And in the payment allocation screen, all the invoices with zero open amounts are not shown.

    We've checked both adempiere 360 and 370 and the reversed invoices don't show in the payment allocation screen.

    I'm reluctant to change the Invoice Open function because it will probably have some unintended consequences.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed?