How to change account config for initial balances transactions.

  • Angelica Isaza
    Angelica Isaza

    Good morning community

    In one of our adempiere implementations I am trying to register initial balances of the Accounts Payable using the "document Invoice (vendor)", we just entered the total value of Prices (no taxes, no fees and no products) as it has been suggested in previous threads of these forums.

    But when the accounting process is executed, the transaction uses the account "620590 Default..." all the time, we want to change this account, but we have not found where to change it. Ii is not in the accounting schema, client, organization,

    Then my question is: where can we change this account configuration so we can use a different account for this initial balances transactions ?

    Thank you for your contributions

    Angelica Isaza

    Hi Angelica,
    You could try the following..
    Create a GL account that occurs just after the AP Control account named (say) AP Open Balance suspense.
    Create a Charge with similar name pointing to that account.
    In the AP invoice line select that Charge.

    The invoice posting will credit AP Control and debit the suspense account.
    When you load the GL balances, post the AP control account balance to the the suspense account to bring the suspense account balance to zero leaving the AP control account with the desired balance.

    You can use the same method for AR Control and Inventory.

    [Although some people want to create an AR invoice and don't care where the credit is distributed to, it helps to prevent data entry errors if you change the code to make either a Product or a Charge mandatory if qty is not zero... then nothing gets posted to that "620590 Default..." or equivalent]


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  • Angelica Isaza
    Angelica Isaza

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    Como comentaba en este caso ya revise y la cuenta no se encuentra definida en el esquema contable como cuentas por defecto
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