Payment posting to GL

  • Johnson Joseph
    Johnson Joseph

    Hello Mike (Michael McKay)

    Happy to see your postings after a long time.

    I wish to share the following points in Adempiere.  I hope your comment will help others too.

    In Adempiere, Payment against a purchase order is posted to 'Vendor Pre-payment' a/c whereas an 'on account payment ' to the vendor is posted to 'payment selection'. Both these payments are actually advance for which liability (vendor invoice ) not yet created.
    By looking at GardenWorld  accounting elements, the account type of 'Vendor pre-payment a/c' is Asset, which is correct but  the account type of 'payment selection' is  showing as Liability, which I think is wrong.  Am I right?.

    Do we need  both these accounts? Is it OK if we post to  'Vendor Pre-payment' a/c for any payment which are not allocated vendor invoices.

    Kindly share your views

    Johnson Joseph