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Depreciation of Fixed Assets


  • Anonymous

    Hi All,

    I don't like to ask broad questions like this on help forums but please forgive me as I have done a lot of research and am still rather lost.

    What I would like to do is use Adempiere to depreciate fixed assets.

    This is how I understand things should work.

    First create a purchase order for the asset, then create a delivery receipt for the asset.
    At this point I think I should be able to build a depreciation work file.
    But I find that A_DEPRECIATION_WORKFILE is empty.

    Am I missing something?

    Also I should Depreciation methods allow me to create a new item? At the moment I can't enter anything at all.

    Is there a guid for this any where? I have done a bit of looking and found something (FA_Manual_en.doc) that has a lot of French in it. But the screens seem a little too different.

    Any help much appreciated as I am really really lost.


  • Mike Mckay
    Mike Mckay

    Hi Daniel,

    See http://www.adempiere.com/Assets_and_Asset_Management.

    On the talk page, Red1 describes the work necessary to get the Asset Management module working.  There are some links to his work at the end of the page.


  • hemal

    I use Adempiere 3.6.0 , but assets module does not perform following functions. 1) Asset creation - AP inbound creation , Manual addition and GL posting 2) Depreciation calculation and journal entry. Can any one please help me out Thanks in advance -Hemal.


  • HI Mike,
    I am using Adempiere 370 and I have problem that I can't make deprication method neither as System administrator, neither as a Garden Admin or any other client. Am I mising something?

  • Hi

    by the article provided by walking tree I am able to Purchase the assets and able to update the asset balances but my accounting entry on invoice (vendor) is Taxes debit,Inventory clearing debit,A/C payable credit. Then what is the use of configuring the account combination on account master? and my entry should be asset account debit instead of inventory clearing. Even i want to know the functionality of charging depreciation and asset disposal