SFAndroid: how the app_droid_server build up?

Alex Yang
  • Alex Yang
    Alex Yang

    Hello Dear community,

    I am Alex Yang from China, working as a developer on a local software company mainly  using .NET and Microsoft technology.

    I am an open sourcing fans. I followed the adempiere project since 2009. Several days ago, I happened to see your contribution of SFAndroid based on ADempiere. I am deeply impressed by your product. I can’t wait to learn it and play with it on my android cellphone. (SFAndroid: http://www.adempiere.com/SFAndroid)

    Now, I am going to deploy it on my own ADempiere server for testing purpose. I have already synced the code from these places:
    Sales Force Mobile intergrade to ADempiere with Web-Services http://adempiere.hg.sourceforge.net/hgweb/adempiere/contribution_adroid
    ADempiere Server Changes http://hg.code.sf.net/p/appdroidserver/code-1

    But have several things not sure. Your guidance and help are highly appreciated. Below is my questions:
    1. In the App_Droid_Server project, I see a “app_droid_server\scripts” folder with 5 .sql files as normal ADempiere project. I think it’s used for migration purpose of your database change. Is it applied to clean 370LTS seed database? Or have to apply other migrations as a precondition?

    2. In the scripts folder: I didn’t see migration script for the 10 tables: XX_MB_***, such as the interface file I_XX_MB_CustomerInventory.java under base\org.mb.model package for them. Where can I find the migration script for PostgreSQL database?

    3. Similar questions as above: I didn’t see the migration script for the 7 tables: WS_WebService***, under the ws\org.mb.model package. Where can I find the migration script?

    4. I also see a base\org.mb.info package, which has lots of .sql file. I am a little confuse the purpose of this files. Do I also need to migrate to my database? Or it has other usage?

    5. As far as I know, 3E_WebServices is ADempiere’s current web service add-on. Is APPDroidServer project based on that? I am not sure if you have made any changes for that. And If I need to add new web service, do I need to add it in 3E_WebService or directly in APPDroidServer?  Is there any guideline?

    6. Last question, could you share me any developer document for this project? I believe it’s highly expected and will be huge value to make this project popular in community.

    Sorry to bother community and looking forward to your reply.

    Best wishes,
    Alex Yang from China

  • Yamel Senih
    Yamel Senih

    Hi Alex Yang, We are currently migrating database and source code, we estimated two months to finalize and to have a stable project. That is why you see inconsistencies between source code and metadata.

    The comunication between ADempiere and SFAndroid is with 3E_WebServices

    Thanks for writing, we would like to maintain communication with you and if you can bring your knowledge, you are welcome.

  • Anderson Costa
    Anderson Costa

    Someone who is using or has used the Spin-Suite for Android could take me some questions?

    I run all the scripts database and now need to do the SFAndroid-Server to be integrated 3E_Webserver to put the URL in the Spin-Suite.

    Note: In emulating the Spin-Suite on the Android Emulator, the field of SOAP is not editable, so that I can only change directly in your code. This is normal?

    Anybody help me?


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