• I need to change the look of infoProduct window, for this reason I created a new customization proyect and here I include a customized version from “ ”, but when I install changes into developer server, it don't take the changes.
    Anyone knows if I must do something else o what is the reason why adempiere not take my personalized class?

  • Hi,

    you must build jar file with name "customization.jar", with your file.
    In order to deploy it on ADempiere server you must copy customization.jar into ADEMPIERE_HOME/lib folder.
    STOP ADempiere Server
    start RUN_silentsetup.bat/sh
    START ADempiere Server.


  • Thanks for your reply.

    I already did that but still not working.


  • Hi Freddy,

    >I already did that but still not working.

    Please give me access to your system and i can fix that imediately for FREE.
    This way of patching ADempiere is working and still works properly on my side.

    You can send me message via user notification system.


  • Hi Trifon, thanks for your help.

    I'm afraid I can't give you access, but I put my customized proyect in “”, filename "" is an eclipse proyect.

    If you see I put the class "InfoProduct" in the path "/src", and I have also tried in “/client/src” this following the documentation in “”.

    Finally I must say, I need this works in web.

    Thanks a lot !