Reference and reference key causing havoc


  • Anonymous

    Can anyone help with this?

    I accidentally clicked on a system generated field but could was not allowed to navigate away from it because of - Error: Fill Mandatory fields: Reference.

    Here is how to reproduce the problem:

    1. Sign in as System Administrator
    2. Find and open "Table and Column" window
    3. Do a "DB Table Name" search for C_Order
    4. With Name = Order highlighted, navigate to the Column tab.
    5. Now search for any column that has a reference of <17>  DON'T CLICK ON IT! (what does this mean?)
    6. The Reference Key of this column will be empty
    7. if you click on it, you will not be able to navigate away without changing the Reference.

    I think there is something I am missing here. I have searched the forums and the ADempiere wiki but cannot find a solution to restoring the columns' reference to their original value of <17> with the reference key haviing no value.

    Thank you


  • DSI

    you have deactivated something thats why adempiere is showing <17> . I checked its of reference type "Reference List"
    Activate it to start it working fine.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks dsiarabia
    I just compared my references to those on the demo site ( and found I have 3 types missing (including the "List" type). I'm going to go ahead with recreating the missing types.

    I am as sure as I can be that I didn't delete them to start with. I haven't worked in that window yet. In fact I only discovered it in my search for a solution to this issue.

    Any ideas how this might have happened?


  • Anonymous

    I couldn't add the missing types. They apparently are already in the system. Here's the error I get:

    ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "ad_reference_name"

    It would seem I need to enable it somewhere. Any pointers?

  • Colin Rooney
    Colin Rooney

    Perhaps the active/inactive flag has been set (inactive).



  • Anonymous

    The reference ("List") doesn't exist in the references at all. If it was set to inactive, I would still expect to see it there. It would appear that it existed at some point or at least the key value was created in the database. But the actual reference no longer seems to exist. Totally befuddled.

  • DSI

    Try from bank end setting flag to Active.