cant add columns in ADtable

  • tanveer

    <tanveer_> hey all
    <tanveer_> i need a bit of help
    <tanveer_> can anybody please help
    <tanveer_> i created a table in database using query tool
    <tanveer_> with many columns
    <tanveer_> i can see the columns in database using pgadmin
    <tanveer_> then i logged in from system admin in adempiere
    <tanveer_> created new table
    <tanveer_> with table name the same as in the command
    <tanveer_> i clicked copy columns from database
    <tanveer_> it does not create any columns
    <tanveer_> can anybody tell what am i doing wrong here

  • Frankie Figs
    Frankie Figs

    Cant tell you what you did wrong, however:

    The name of the button I press to do that task is: "Create Columns from Database". Make sure you are not getting confused with the "Copy Columns from Table" button.

  • Hi,

    today we have the same problem and we use the button Create columns from DB.

    This is a postgres 9.2 with adempiere 3.7.0 LTS.

    Thanks for your help