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To show top-5 opportunity in my admin window


  • Anonymous

    My requirement is ,i want to show  my top five CRM opportunity in admin Front window…….plzz help to do this implementation in Adempiere….


  • Anonymous

    i have 3 CRM Windows Lead ,Opportunity  and Meeting details……..all Sales Person will enter urs  individual Lead  ,Lead may bcome Opportunity After Successful meeting deal… , i want to  show TOP-5 Opportunities from Opportunity  table DB to front admin Dashboard…..


  • Anonymous

    Means , i want to show on dashboard………….top five opportunity filter "'Amount" Wise….


  • Anonymous

    For this you need to customization. It can not be configurable.


  • Anonymous

    It can be solve by .zul file  or not..?????

    or by java hard coded….plzz  help me..

  • Michael McKay
    Michael McKay

    Do you have a name?  It would be nice to be able to address you properly.

    To customize the desktop in ZK, see


    There you can see how the desktop creates boarder layouts and assigns content to the layout.  You can use this to display a panel of your own design.  In your case, a panel that contains a list component (table) that displays the data that you want to show.  You can add in the necessary listeners to respond to mouse clicks so the user can jump directly to an opportunity.

    The info windows have plenty of examples on how to build these panels with tables.

    Good luck.