Postgresql 9.2

  • Hi,
    We have installed adempiere 3.6.0 LTS with postgresql 9.2.
    We have some troubles when we create a sales order, invoice etc…
    After we have entered the header we go in the tab Lines and we can not create the lines.
    We must close the window and to open a second time the window to have the possibility to create the lines.

    Have you already have this problem?
    Is there a problem between Adempiere 3.6.0 LTS and Postgresql 9.2?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Karnevon

    You have to change the jdbc library for postgres , before compiling it, don't know, if you have done this. I never tried it with 3.6, but it worked with 3.7 for me. Maybe something changed between these versions. Maybe something is mentioned in the changelog. But no matter which version you take, you have to change the library.

  • Ok many thanks. We go to apply the solution and I will inform you of the success story …

  • Thank you for your help. All works fine now