Reference type List is Missing from menu

  • Hi guys,

    A reference type disappeared from Adempiere overnight!
    In the Report and Process->Parameter->Reference
    the reference type “List” is missing from the drop down menu. I try to add a reference named “List” and get an error saying list already exists.  Where did it go?


    Adempiere 3.5.2a

  • Mark Ostermann
    Mark Ostermann

    Hi Mike.
    Please take a look in the DB table. Maybe it was renamed unintenionally or the AD_Reference Validation Type is not = 'D' for your List Entry anymore?

    select * from ad_reference where ad_reference_id = 17

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  • Colin Rooney
    Colin Rooney

    Another possibility is the Role access - The "Record Access" records in particular - has been changed.
    Might you have logged in with a different role than normal??


  • Thank you Mark for your quick response! You are correct the problem lies in the validationtype being changed from "D" to "L".  Now I have to figure out how to change the actual field in PG Admin.  I'm just the IT help here at my company and am still learning the nature of the industry and how different systems work. Any pointers on how to change the validationtype record?

  • Colin Rooney
    Colin Rooney

    ow I have to figure out how to change the actual field in PG Admin

    The Reference is itself a record in the Reference window!
    Login with system and search for name=List or Description=Reference List
    Then you can change it via the Adempiere UI itself.

  • Thank you very much guys.  I found it and fixed the data type.  I must have accidentally changed it yesterday before I left.  I was sure it was the adempiere gremlin but I was wrong!