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  • Redhuan D. Oon
    Redhuan D. Oon

    This is following the thread here that has serious implications and repercussions that will doom the ADempiere project if not rectified. So far i don't think the silent PMC/CC will do so and thus been the founding father of this project it is in my unholy duty to act but i intend to leave it at the feet of the community - the silent majority.

    There is clearly some gross misunderstanding about community software. I am trying to refresh my own reading of established words from Cathedral and the Bazaar by Eric Raymond and also his subsequent articles titled The Magic Cauldron.

    The magic of the bazaar is that software gets written and grow almost out of thin air due to the openness and high respect attributed to contributors. Linus Torvalds magic words were "Release Early, Update Often" coupled with a no nonsense sense of meritocracy and peerocracy of "Show me the code (and you are part of the release)" (brackets mine as when someone does show him the code, he promiscuously took and incorporate it inside Linux and respecting highly the contributor's name and thus Linus became the best thing to happen to the GNU project)

    In tune, Linus is also a dictator, as many strong contributors who caused flames were thrown out. There are those who eventually returned. But there is always a dictator there until today. Linus is God in determining the kernel version and what goes into it or what stays outside.

    Not so with the ADempiere project. When i was dictator here, i remembered many advice from people as far ago as Peter de Zutter (Goanookie) who first pointed me to the term "Benevolent Dictator" that tempered your words and deeds with strong sharing and humility. But eventually instead of the bad contributors leaving, it is the really good contributors leaving. And now today, it is like a last thread from the last best contributor in the market. Carlos is the only game in town (if some of you newbies do not know). If he is not that good, thieves would not have stolen from him all this while and all this much.

    Wait a minute. How can someone steal something that is free under GPL? Yes there is such a thing because there is an immutable law that if you copied original text or code you respect and uphold the law of the license that goes with it. GPL license dictates that you do not remove the original lineage of credit that originates the code. And there are more rules such as backward compatibility and stability of the code. If you endangered the scheme of code you get reverted and thrown out after repeated attempts at destabilizing the code.

    Yes Carlos is mad. But with a very strong reason. What he is more mad about is not the stealing but the silent majority. Many here took his code and enjoyed his fruits, earning money, yes in spite of been an anarchy and bazaar with no commercial front, people earned well here (including me). They are in a comfort zone (but not me damn it). Carlos has no control over that. But there is this principle of community voice and that in many instances the community speaks out and change history. It has done so in September 1, 2006 and extended the life of Compiere open source project under a rebranding requirement from Compiere not to use its name and so we gave it the name ADempiere. Jorg Janke at that time, reacted by branding this rebeliion as the 6th or 7th fork and would not last longer than six months. He is wrong. We did lasted and outlive his project which is now sold and open core (dual licensed commercialised open source). So is Openbravo which forked before us. They are themselves doomed because they took above 10 million euros in venture capital funding and now has to return the money by closing and selling of the code.

    Community is saviour in such instances to maintain magic cauldron at the price of none. If there is a community out here of which Carlos is saying there is none, it now has to speak itself into existence. I learnt from many holy scriptures and the prophets that human beings must go against injustice at three levels of strength: If s/he is strong, to remove evil with the hand. If s/he is weaker to do so with the tongue (speak out against evil). If s/he is weakest to feel it in the heart. And that is the weakest level of faith to enter paradise. If you are that weak, just say a prayer and let Dhamma do its job. If you are bit stronger just cast your vote after me below:

    To support Carlos Ruiz and others such as Low Heng Sin continuing contribution to the ADempiere project and the restoration of stable code with full credit contributed by them please vote as you think about it (remember this is also call of vote of no confidence to the present CC/PMC and they should resign and leave it back to me to conduct a peaceful transition) and i am not forcing this as the freedom to choose is entirely at your hands, not mine, and mine has written for myself, a single voice/vote. I am just appealing for the continuation of the best game in town):

    My vote,

    Kindest regards

  • Redhuan D. Oon
    Redhuan D. Oon

    Sorry, actually the final word from Carlos is not here which i thought was in

    Note the installer is not uploaded to the usual sourceforge file repository because an abusive member of "Community" Council revoked my permissions to publish files there, but they are fast to copy my work at globalqss361 project - you can find more info about this issue at (link above)

    but in a private email he sent to me which in the principle of open community i have to reveal without edit:

    To (name withheld) although I'm interested in improving adempiere and idempiere - I'm tired of this situation.  Be globalqss361 or idempiere, they're going to keep copying my work shamelessly, and what really annoys me at the same time the persecution and abuse doesn't stop.
    Please note that copying is fine, and I'm glad to be copied, what is wrong is the copy without respect, stealing credit, prosecuting the contributor, I can't cope with such situation anymore.

    Given this situation I'm more interested maybe in a temporary private project where the people that really deserves my level of attention can get it (you and Redhuan included), but I want to have a mechanism to stop the copycat work there until they show at least minimum respect for my work.


    Carlos Ruiz

  • Hi community,

    I agree all Red1's words.

    I think the current situation will only lead to the project's death.
    It isn't a personal issue with the CC members, but the abusive attitudes of some, and silence from them others.

    So, my vote: +1

    Best regards,


  • Hi all,
    Unfortunally, my english is no so good yet to express myself in a proper way, but I'm TOTALLY AGREE with red1.

    I would like that ADempiere becomes again the project that was when I first met (early 2007)

    My vote to:

    To support Carlos Ruiz and others such as Low Heng Sin continuing contribution to the ADempiere project and the restoration of stable code with full credit contributed by them please vote as you think about it (remember this is also call of vote of no confidence to the present CC/PMC and they should resign and leave it back to me to conduct a peaceful transition) and i am not forcing this as the freedom to choose is entirely at your hands, not mine, and mine has written for myself, a single voice/vote. I am just appealing for the continuation of the best game in town)


    Best regards,

    Emiliano Pereyra

  • JEVM



    Jorge Vallejo

  • Alok Ranjan
    Alok Ranjan

    My vote is +1.

    Remember with power comes responsibility and by revoking permission without reason, we all know that we don't have responsible person taking care of the important job.

  • fercho

    My vote

    When Carlos was part of the CC was very strict in their decisions to maintain quality and stability of the releases.
    He was also very respectful of the credit of the developers and contributors  with lines code.


  • Mike Mckay
    Mike Mckay

    I totally disagree with this approach and find it to be extremely bad form.

    The community recently accepted a process and a governance structure.  I have full faith in these people and all the others in the community who are working for the success of the project..  The latest world conference was a great event with a large crowd of attendees full of positive enthusiasm.  We have a new, well designed software development process that has solved the problems of the previous structure.  We have a new release of the software with significant improvements on the way.  There is much to be thankful for.

    I want to constructively and actively work with the current structure and give my full support to the community, the technical and functional teams - which any one can join - and to the CC.  I refuse to sit on the sidelines and complain.  I urge everyone to get involved and make a positive difference.

    The previous structure was flawed and ripped the community apart in 2010. I think it is a bad idea to go back there.

    I have full confidence in the community and the current governance structure. 

    -1 for this vote.


  • Hi mjmckay:

    I'm really newbie in this project but not at all in free software community.

    I agree with you when exhort "everyone to get involved and make a positive difference".

    But there are a lot of evidences that have be erased the name of , at last one, contributor in more than once. This is not a mistake, is a deliberate plagiarism!

    This "mistake", to my knowledge, has not been repaired and there are not explanations about the future of this cases.

    Taking these precedents, we can expect that the community collaborate in the future?

    Excuse my bad English

  • Gustavo Vega
    Gustavo Vega


    You are more involved about the procedure to do it this correctly is necesary to stop arbitrary, but follow the appropriate steps that in the future will not no objection from anybody or in context or in form.

    We the community can should do and leave no doubt in this decision, the people must know is not a group ….is the community who wants be "open" and "transparent", and again … there be no doubt to anyone!

    My vote

    1) To support Carlos Ruiz and others such as Low Heng Sin continuing contribution ++1
    2) ADempiere project and the restoration of stable code with full credit contributed ++1
    3) CC/PMC should resign and leave ++1
    4) Red1 conducts a peaceful transition ++1

    Gustavo Vega


  • Anonymous

    bring adempiere back to the original… stupid people want adempiere. :( beacuse think he is contribute more..

    +1 return back…

  • I totally agree with the approach

    I think that no one can ignore the work done by Carlos for the community, so the least we can hope is that he can continue to be active part of this without any censorship.

    My vote: +1

    Best regards,

    Jorge Ivan Tabares

  • RAM

    Totally agree with the approach

    My vote : +1


  • Dear citizens and follower of this community.

    The community has clear rules to call for a vote # Voting

    Calling for a vote as it has been done in this forum, totally ignoring our community rules and principles can only be regarded as an opinion.

    Therefore, my opinion as such is the following:

    - I am on favor of freedom.
    - I am on favor of innovation
    - I am on favor of good products
    - I am on favor of rules and civility.
    - I am on favor of order.
    - I am on favor collaboration.

    Right up until today, I can say Adempiere project is now more organized, with legally binding rules and an institutional structure with committed members.

    We have overcome any potential crisis with the release of version 3.7.0, where to say the least, a successful and inclusive development procedure was introduced, in such a way that it has been the most concurred ADempiere release we've had and the most thoroughly tested

    This new ‘Adempiere Way’ of community collaboration is attracting new developers to join our project, which is nurturing new ideas and innovations that are evolving into additional contributions and a road map of future enhancements, thus I can assert today, this has been a historic year of accomplishments for our community. See

    We have also had the commitment of some implementors to contribute their enhancements and this is scheduled for inclusion into the futures release, again a positive achievement not seen before on the project

    Furthermore, the Adempiere conference held this year in Germany was a great success, with the highest record of attendance ever, of course we saw many of the familiar faces as the previous one, but there were also many new faces willing to help and collaborate.

    Last, but not least, during the last months the ADempiere Foundation invested in infrastructure to keep our continuous integration servers running. On this note, It has also been determined to create ADempiere Test Suite will be reflected in more stable versions, with a wonderful demonstration the work at the conference.

    We have procedures to evaluate, review and approve new contributions from a technical standpoint and an overseeing functional team that will allow for orderly growth and health of the product.

    So this community has matured and is stronger than ever, thanks to the collaboration of many people.

    Of course on the other hand I would like to thank first and foremost to Jorg Janke our top contributor, he is the most visionary of open source ERP contributors. If it werent becaus of his contributions we would not have today a product such as ADempiere, based on the rules and guarantees provided by GPL. again thank a lot by be our father Jorg!!!.


    kind regards
    Víctor Pérez

  • Nelson Chan
    Nelson Chan

    I am not going to vote for or against anyone but I want to say a few words about my observation of this open source project.

    I have started looking at adempiere for about a year and things I notice:
    - There is no direction of where the software is going.  The roadmap has not been updated for years.  As a user, I cannot tell what features are coming in the next release and what bugs will be fixed
    - The release note of 3.70 is a little bit vague.  Only a few words for each "feature/bugfix"
    - Many of the documentations were outdated (most of them are applicable to 3.5)
    - As stated by Carlos/Red1, it is very obvious that some people removed the original contributor names in the source codes (even I am not a developer, my programming experience is strong enough to tell if the codes were "copied and modified" or "newly written")

    I have used many open-source software and I think someone in the "committee" should learn the approach of other open-source software.  Here are a few suggestions:
    - Decide and finalize all new features for each release.  Cannot have a "running" goal
    - Consider to introduce bugzilla or something to track the bugs and include the fixes in the release notes
    - Have a more progressive release - alpha, beta, RC, and GA, etc.
    - Tell the communities what is happening rather than working in a black box

    Just my 2 cents

    Nelson Chan

  • dellph


    Agree with Nelson. and all this rules and process in place is are flawed. Some people using this words but not in action. People giving links but the question is it followed and practice?


  • Daniel Tamm
    Daniel Tamm

    The restructuring of this project came because we wanted more structure. As I see it, what happened was that too much emphasis was placed on structure which killed the contributions.

    How is it that I'm very reluctant to even consider contributing anything to current ADempiere but I would gladly submit contributions to Carlos? I think the current project leaders should ask themselves this question. Either the answer can be that anyone opposing are just ungrateful flame-throwers or the answer could be that it might…. just might be that contributors or contributions are not respected as they should in this project.

    There's a question whether Carlos should be able to release files for his branch from where a lot of code for 3.7.0 is copied.

    It's quite a simple question for the CC to handle. However, the CC doesn't handle this but refers to pages about how to go about to request permissions. Why don't CC just give Carlos permissions to release files? The question has undoubtfully been raised.

    The Community Permission Rules says reasons to grant permission can be "you need permission to do your job". I don't see why CC just simply grants Carlos permissions. It doesn't have to be a big issue.

    If the CC have a goal to be unpartial and respect all citizens of this community I think they should just grant permissions, and if they are not granted, motivate why not in this particular case. It's already a public issue and should be handled as such.

    The way it's handled now (both permission rules and respect of contributors), I think CC deserves a vote of no confidence as outlined by red1.

    If this way of voting is unproper, the CC should arrange a proper votation for everyone to participate. The question(s) must be carefully constructed to be unpartial (some votations here have had options where all options would make any answer to count as proof of support to the person calling the vote).

    Best regards
    /Daniel T

  • Dear community,

    Totally agree with Red1. A true community must be based on respect for others and those who lead must ensure that we do so. It should return to a stable code approach with full recognition of who contributed, as proposed by Red1. This if we want a community worthy of the respect of all who have any interest in ADempire.

    May vote: +1

    Best regards,

    Germán Tabares

  • Enrique Ruibal
    Enrique Ruibal

    Hi all,

    I find your opinions valuable and I respect them, however the Adempiere Community established rules for taking decisions on important matters such as these.

    There is no point on disqualifying anybody's work, as most of the actors in these discussion have made valuable contributions to Adempiere.

    In my personal opinion a lot of things have improved during the last months, so I am agree with Victor's point of view, also by being a Citizen and member of the functional team.

    I have learned that the best way to change things is to work as a team, even if you don't feel that close to some of the people within your team.


    Enrique Ruibal

  • Kai Schaeffer
    Kai Schaeffer

    My vote a clear: -1

    Red1, Carlos, if you want to help the project, attend the technical and functional team. They are open to anyone who wants to work constructively in this project. The only problem: you can't be the dictator there, it's democratic..



  • Anonymous

    Hi community,
    I agree all Red1's words.

    My vote is +1.

    Syed Zuhdi

  • RAM


    I dream who speaks of democracy. You made a putch in this project and you had no right to do so. and you talk about democracy. you are still inflated

    ADempiere belongs to the community and not to you (for you, I mean "ADempiere Deutschland eV" and "ABC ADempiere Business Consultants")

    +1 for me


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