Multiple Value for single parameter in report

  • Satheesh Kumar
    Satheesh Kumar

    Is it possible to pass Multiple Values In Report Parameter filed.
    e.g. I want to select more than five  product IDs at a time separated by comma(,) in Product Name Parameter for a report.

  • Thomas Bayen
    Thomas Bayen

    I do not believe this works.

    But at the last weekend I did some work that perhaps may help you. It would allow to use the window's content you filtered with the search button in a report or a JasperReport. This is still work in progress; please inform me if you want me to give you news.

    It may be a wider approach to allow a multiselection on the table and take this for the report but this will take more effort and has to work in Swing and ZK. Seems not so easy… :-(

  • stonemarky

    really honorable