#2730 State field issue for non-U.S. Country in Address field


# Issue 1
In Address field from many places (for example: Menu -> System Admin -> Organization Rules -> Organization -> (select an orgazation) => Organization Info), if we choose other country besides United States and click OK in Address entry-dialog, the result address field is still filled with State field value no matter what.

The example steps to produce the bug:
1. In the Address entry-dialog, the default Country value is United States and default State value is OR.
2. Then I changed the Country to Indonesia and the State field become invisible (because State field is not applicable in this country).
3. I filled Address 1 field with "Kampung Melayu" and leave other fields empty, then I clicked OK button.
4. The result address is: Kampung Melayu, , OR

So, we can see that the State field value (OR) is still applied even for non-US country. So the suggestion I can propose to fix this issue:
If we choose non-US country which State field is not applicable, the State field value should automatically become empty

# Issue 2
Other issue I found: the Country value is not visible in the result Address field. From above example (where I had chosen Indonesia country), the result address is:

Kampung Melayu, , OR

We can see that the Indonesia country value is not displayed.

# Suggestion
Also I want to suggest that the address value display should be made more elegant. From above example, If I don't fill Address 2 and Address 3 and other fields beside Address 1 and Country, the result address should be like this:

Kampung Melayu, Indonesia

# Spec info
Adempiere version: 3.7.0 (LTS)
Database: PostgreSQL 9.1
OS: Windows 7


  • DSI

    Go to region Remove default of OR region . It will not come in any of the locations till after.