#2729 Usuario text is found in many places in English login

Database (55)

Adempiere version: 3.7.0 (LTS)
Database: PostgreSQL 9.1
OS: Windows 7

Steps to view the bugs:
1. Login to adempiere client using English language (swing or web doesn't matter)
2. Then go to: Menu -> System Admin -> General Rules -> Security -> User -> User Role

You will see that one of the field/column label is displayed as "Usuario" (spanish translation of "User"). I believe that's a mistake because I login using English language, it should be displayed as "User"

This is not the only place to have "Usuario" text, you can confirm it by running this sql in adempiere database:
select * from ad_field where name like 'Usuario'

I also found it in: Menu -> Application Dictionary -> Table and Column.
In lookup record window, enter "Usuario" in Name field and search it. You will get one record with "Usuario" text. I think there are more Usuario text in other places.

I believe this bugs come from the database import script. I hope this will be fixed in next release.