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Adebug Reloaded v2.13 available

The 2007 Adebug GPL release is finally available here on SourceForge.

Adebug Reloaded (code name for this release) is in line with the latest Adebug binary versions released on BBS Brazil at end of 1994. This package also includes the full French manual, in DOC and PDF format. See the readme.txt file for more information.

Posted by Benjamin Gandon 2008-05-23

Upcoming Adebug GPL Release

This Adebug SF project has been opened for some years now and the GPL release was still waiting,
though we gathered the sources and managed to assemble the latest Adebug version in May 2005.

After discussing it yesterday, we finally decided to set up our own CVS and maybe not use SF for a start. You'll get more information as soon as we put that up.

Posted by Benjamin Gandon 2006-01-12