A complain

  • I like to use the tool, but i cant find any documentation
    and the source code is commneted in french. Please
    could you provide some english documentation?

    I would like to change the source code of the gnade
    project is such a ways that the interface descriptions
    are generated automatically.

    • Hi

      Currently the documentation is only in french and we haven't the time to do it (Lot of work at the engineering school!). Look at the example.ads and example.html for an example.
      But adadoc as a lot of limitations (it's a first year project!). It doesn't support oriented object programming, task, protected objects. So if your project use it adadoc will not parse your .ads correctly.

      Vincent Decorges

      • I am quite interesed to help adding features. Do
        you have a plan what the next feature would be?

    • Bent Bracke
      Bent Bracke

      Are there any plans to add support for OOP to the parser ?


      Bent Bracke

    • Yes but I don't know when...
      I'm woking on the interface to easily generate different format output. And after that I'll work on the parser to add OOP