Feedback - Please post here

  • Limbo

    Take a minute to give a feedback for the program. This will make me the hapiest man of the world :)

    • skok-podskok

      The program is very helpful to me, I always wanted to know what is happening on the hdd all the time, why the blinking and scraping :)
      There is a small question - why "read" and "write", the categories seen in other programs, monitoring hdd data activity, are only represented by "change" in this one?  Is there a way to diferentiate, or maybe even combine file-info with byte-info or something?

      But as said - this is a helpful tool anyway, thank you :)

  • Carl Murray
    Carl Murray

    This is great, thanks. My laptop has it's HDD activity LED placed at the side of the machine, where it's all but invisible (I have no idea why it was designed like that...), so this program is exactly what I wanted, as I can use the CAPS LOCK LED to show when there's HD activity, so I know the current game/program has not crashed.

    The only problem I've found is that when the CAPS LOCK LED flashes, then caps lock is actually turned on/off, so I have to disable this program when I'm typing, but that's not a big annoyance.

    Thanks so much for this program.