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ActiveMQBrowser released.

ActiveQBrowser light

JAR library updated to ActiveMQ 5.6.0.

ActiveMQBrowser light

Fix duplicate separator problem.
Everytime right-clicked Topic object on the left pane,
The number of separator increases.
This problem has been fixed.

ActiveMQBrowser light

Now encoding is valid for string type of user properties when d&d from a file.
Now encoding is valid for string type of StreamMessages when d&d from a file.
(You can select the encoding type when you drag&drop from a file to the input property panel.)

ActiveMQBrowser light 2.5.2

Fix the function not to search from all destinations if the field of destination in the pop-up screen
to be displayed by clicking the search button is blank.

Update MQ Client Library to the latest version, MQ 4.4 Update2.

ActiveMQBrowser light

Now encoding can be specified when text message body data is drag & dropped or read from files.

When encoding is changed, text message body data will be read again from input data buffer along with the indicated encoding type.

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2012-05-24