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JAUS++ 2.101111

New build options, features, and bug fixes have been added to the latest release of JAUS++. CMake is now included as a build option making configuration and installation much simpler for developers. Support for JTCP has also been added, but JUDP is still enabled by default. The transport services have been updated so that JTCP can be used as the communication method between components on the same host, with either JUDP or JTCP being used for inter-node communication via the JTCPClient transport service. Future versions will switch to this mode as the default. Finally, a KeyboardDriver program has been added for users to be able to operate a Primitive Driver service without the need for a joystick.

Posted by Daniel Barber 2010-11-11

JAUS++ 2.100712

JAUS++ 2.100712 has been released. It adds an update so that users can test there solution against the JAUS Validation Tool (JVT) at See the JAUS Challenge 2010 example with the download and project web page for a howto. Good luck to all schools compeeting at the AUV Competition this week!

Posted by Daniel Barber 2010-07-12


It has been a while since new JAUS++ information has been posted, so I wanted to make sure everyone knew that the JAUS++ 2.0 branch is out of beta and should be ready for production use. JAUS++ 2.X is an implementation of the SAE-JAUS standard, and as far as we know, the only open source full implementation available! Full compliance was shown this June at the RoboBoats competition (, where the Robotics Club at UCF boat was driven from a 3rd party control station. ... read more

Posted by Daniel Barber 2010-07-03


I just wanted to let those who follow this project site know that we are ending development of the JAUS++ 1.0 branches to begin development of JAUS++ 2.0 which will be based on the AS-4 standard (SAE-JAUS). This version will still be very object oriented like the previous versions, but conform more to the ideas of services in the current JAUS standard which should make it easy to use and learn. We will still post bug fixes as they are found to the JAUS++ 1.5 branch in the SVN, with file releases for major fixes. I hope to have JAUS++ 2.0 posted before December so that teams competing in the AUVSI competitions have a chance to integrate it into their systems before the summer events.

Posted by Daniel Barber 2009-09-29

CxUtils 2.0 Released

Today is the first release of the 2.0 branch of CxUtils. It will soon be added to the SVN as we get closer to a release of JAUS++ 1.5. This release adds some new classes, bug fixes, and streamlined interfaces!

Posted by Daniel Barber 2009-04-20

C++ JAUS (JAUS++ 1.0)

The first major 1.0 release has been made of JAUS++, a C++ implementation of the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS). It is open-source and under the BSD license. It contains a full collection of JAUS message classes, component and service interfaces, and applications to reduce the time it takes to add JAUS to your system. This release has been tested with the JAUS Compliance Tool Suite used at several AUVSI Competitions, and works with the Multi-Robot Operator Control Unit (MOCU) developed at SPAWAR. ... read more

Posted by Daniel Barber 2008-12-20

JAUS# Released

The first release of JAUS# has been posted. JAUS# is designed to work with JAUS++ so you can mix C++ and C# JAUS applications together. JAUS# is not as complete as JAUS++ but has all the fundamentals for sending and receiving JAUS messages, including a demo program for subscribing to video data. Make sure you download JAUS++ as JAUS# depends on it for a Node Manager.

Posted by Daniel Barber 2008-11-23

JAUS++ Update

After a few months of down time, we recently received permission to fully release all of our JAUS Software. The latest release of CxUtils and JAUS++ (0.9.081113) has been posted and is now under the BSD License. The SVN has also been updated to reflect the latest release. Please feel free to take a look and let us know how it works!

We are also in the process of testing interoperability of our JAUS implementation with that of the Multi-Robot Operator Control Unit (MOCU) developed by SPAWAR ( This testing is almost complete and any changes we make will be posted to the SVN weekly and an official release at the end of the month.

Posted by Daniel Barber 2008-11-13

JAUS++ Version 0.9.080816 Released

The first official release of JAUS++ has been made. As of this writing it includes core functionality support for both Windows and Linux environments. The only library not fully tested in Linux as of this writing is the video streaming library which will follow shortly. Have fun!

Posted by Daniel Barber 2008-08-17

Getting JAUS++

For those wanting to try out JAUS++, please feel free to download it directly from the SVN repository. We will have a 1.0 release download ready hopefully within the next month once fully Windows/Linux interoperability has been completed. The current version in SVN will build and run on both Windows and Linux platforms and is stable, however video streaming has only been fully tested within a Windows environment. The SVN repository includes everything the release will contain, just not in an archive or installer, so give it a try.

Posted by Daniel Barber 2008-07-30


The release of JAUS++ as a single download has been delayed to do some more testing of some of the parts, however it is available within our Subversion Repository. Feel free to download it and run the examples. The SVN will be updated regularly until the first major release, and already has all the basic functionality needed to add JAUS to your unmanned system. It includes a Node Manager and component interfaces which automatically manage events and service connections.

Posted by Daniel Barber 2008-05-08

JAUS++ Library

Since we have listed that ACTIVE-IST will have software for unmanned systems, I'd like to announce plans release JAUS++, which is C++ implementation of the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS). The initial release will be fully tested under Windows, but Linux support will follow shortly after. Another news post will be made when finally released in the upcoming week.

Posted by Daniel Barber 2008-03-31

CxUtils 0.9.9 Released

The latest version of CxUtils has been released. This is the final version before our 1.0 release! The current versions adds a few extra features such as automatic library inclusion in WIN32, support for Windows CE and Linux, and some extra methods for the Serial and Packet class. More testing and validation needs to be performed for the Linux release, but we hope to be finished in the next week or two. The release of CxUtils 1.0 will lead up to the release of JAUS++ which is a C++ Library for the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS) which the ACTIVE Lab uses for all our Unmanned System efforts.

Posted by Daniel Barber 2008-02-18

Updated Release of CxUtils

An update to CxUtils has been made, moving closer to a 1.0 release. See the change log for details of the new version which breaks compatibility with previous version.

Posted by Daniel Barber 2007-10-22

ACTIVE-IST Open Source Tools: CxUtils 0.9 Release

The ACTIVE-IST project is a set of libraries for rapid development of cross-platform applications requiring communication, human-interface devices, sensors, and other resources.

Versions 0.9 of CxUtils has been released. It has some bug fixes, new methods and better documentation!

Posted by Daniel Barber 2007-10-08

CxUtils Beta Released

The Cross Platform Utilities Library (CxUtils) Beta has been released and is available in the downloads section.

Posted by Daniel Barber 2007-08-17