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Activa TSP is not showing calls from queues

  • Hi All,

    Please help. I am fairly new at this and need some guidance. I have installed and configured Activa TSP V1.8.0.1041 Rev549. I am using TCMON (Tapi Call Monitor from JulMar Technology) to see what is happenng when a call comes in. If I ring a DDI, I see information appear, if I make an extension to extension call, I see information appear but, if I call into our switchboard and press "1 for customer support" (this rings a group of extensions including the one I am monitoring) absolutely nothing shows.

    Can anyone help me with where I am going wrong?

    Best Regards

    James Betteridge

    NOTE: I have tried putting the queue name in the "Agent" field of the settings screen however that doesn't change the result.

  • activatsp


    At this time ActivaTSP don't support monitornig local chanels like an Automatic Atendant, ActivaTSP supports monitoring extensions using a technology (sip, iax…) and Asterisk Queues.

    Activa Team

  • Sorry for the late reply on this one.

    We have cascading queues (so 1 queue for 30 secs ringing 15 ppl, then another after it that rings 30 etc etc)
    I'd like to monitor an extension if it answers a call from a queue (any queue),
    So if SIP/805 answers any type of call, i need the CALLER-ID and the fact that it picked up to be noticed by ActiveTSP

    It works fine for when it rings via a DIAL command in asterisk, just not for queues.


  • Anonymous


    we have the same problem. We need the CALLERID when a call is received from a queue.

    Could you estimate when this will be implemented?