How to configure multiple LINES in ActivaTSP

  • activa

    While ActivaTSP configuration DIALOG allows for a single line configuration, you can configure activatsp to handle a number of lines via the registry.

    Confuration is stored in the HKLM/software/activa/activaTSP registry folder.

    Create or edit a DWORD value "numLines" and set it to the number of lines (for example: "10")

    Create or edit STRING values: "dn1", "dn2", ... (dn0 is first 'line dn' and is what you see through configuration dialog).

    Optionally you can also set calleridname1, calleridname2, ... STRING values

    You will need to restart activatsp after editing the registry.

    "dn0" = "311"
    "dn1" = "312"
    "dn2" = "SIP/313"
    "dn3" = "SIP/314"
    "numLines" = 4

    This will enable a tapi application to open tapi lines "311", "312", "SIP/313" and "SIP/314".

    • zac


      This could though be quite a big job in a production enviroment with a lot of extensinons.

      Couldn´t there be a wildcard, so that Line 1 /dn0 ="*" ?, that is it gives the output regardless of what Line is getting a call..

      • activa

        Unfortunately tapi does not work this way. Tapi LINES must be known and "named" so a tapi app can select wich windows tapi lines wants to monitor. So we don't see a way to let a tapi line receive 'wathever'.

        Anyway we plan to allow dn with some form of regular expression or wildcard so meking easier to setup line configuration.

        We also experimented to use AMI to list all extensions in the asterisk dialplan but we feel this may give 'too noise' and we feel a regular expression or wildcard will be enough.

  • What about using multiple CONTEXTS? I have a group of users each with his own DN number, but two of them must use a different context string. Is this possible using Windows register? thx.