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Beta 1 Released

We are moved to SVN Repository, moved to support .Net 3.5, created more clear code for base hash function implementation, provided some refactoring. And now released first beta version of library.

Posted by Andir 2009-10-03

Sha1 Broken with China Cryptographers attack :(

Sha1 has been broken by China cryptographers (same who find collisions in MD5, RIPEMD, HAVAL in august, 2004). Complexity of attack is 2^69 in place of 2^80 from birthday attack.

Posted by Andir 2005-03-01

Snefru with 256 bits output support.

Updated Snefru for 256 output support.
Added big lengths for all hash algorithms support!
Fixed some bugs with Haval and MD2.

Posted by Andir 2005-01-15

Snefru has been implemented

Hash function Snefru has been implemented by me on current day :)
I planned to commit it some later.

Posted by Andir 2004-12-28

Practical attack on MD5

Published article about practical attack on algorithm MD5 with collision founded by Wang et al. and published on Crypto 2004.

Posted by Andir 2004-12-26


Added site for support this project!

Posted by Andir 2004-12-26